Who belongs or supports SCEDC? 
Current membership includes individuals, businesses, financial institutions, professional firms, service clubs and others. These members' dues along with additional support from federal, state and local sources allow SCEDC to continue creating jobs and opportunities for citizens and corporations.

Why should you belong?
Benefits resulting from a new firm locating here or the expansion of an existing firm is obvious. More jobs become available, new payrolls are created, the demand for goods and services increases, and the tax base broadens.

Membership Dues


Membership Rate

Financial Institutions





Up to 20 Emloyees


21 to 50 Employees


Over 150 Employees


Associate Member
(Individuals, Service Clubs, Fraternal Organizations)


Additional contributions would be greatly appreciated!

Dues are kept to a minimum to enable more to participate. Your contribution to this non-profit organization can show you care and can be a motivator for others in the community to support the economic development of Somerset County.

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Municipal Membership is based on Per Capita

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