About Us

oneThe Somerset County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) is a community minded non-profit organization founded in 1957 to promote economic development and job creation for all of Somerset County.

As a membership based organization with over 150 members, funding comes from various local, public, and private contributors and foundations. In addition, grant support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and federal government fund specific projects.

Benefits resulting from a new firm locating here or or the expansion of an existing firm are obvious. More jobs become available, new payrolls are created, the demand for goods and services increases, and the tax base broadens.

Our mission is to promote industrial, commercial, and retail growth by recruiting and assisting new firms to locate in the county, while helping existing companies to retain or expand employment.

The Somerset County Economic Development Council is a non-profit organization who has been promoting economic development and job creation in Somerset County since 1957. We pride ourselves on the promotion and expansion of industrial, commercial, and retail businesses in Somerset County by helping new companies locate within the county, while continually assisting existing companies. We help to expand and improve economic growth throughout Somerset County.

• Serve as a primary point of contact in the county for business and industry inquiries and prospects.

• Serve as the facilitator for low interest public financing programs that are available through various sources.

• Work with county businesses to promote business retention and expansion.

• Develop and own industrial parks throughout the county to foster industrial growth.

• Facilitate site assessment and project coordination.

• Provide entrepreneurial development information and referrals.

• Coordinate workforce development efforts and programs within the county.

• Sponsor informational seminars to foster business knowledge.

Officers & Directors
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